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Biological Cryo-EM

Unmatched Size & Resolution

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Single Particle Cryo-EM of 70S Ribosome,
Courtesy Scott Stagg, Florida State University

Data acquired with a DE-64 with electron counting

Material Science

Blistering Speed & Sensitivity

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4D STEM of Strontium Titanate,
Courtesy Paul Voyles, University of Wisconsin

Data acquired with a DE-16 camera

Next generation direct detection cameras

for electron microscopy


de-series camera

Our flagship DE-Series direct detection cameras for electron microscopy are revolutionizing the industry, allowing investigators to achieve results they never before thought possible.

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lv-series camera

An extension of our flagship DE-Series. Just as biological cryo-EM was revolutionized several years ago by direct detectors, low voltage EM, such as LEEM/PEEM, are on the cusp of a similar revolution.

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