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Brilliant results in less time

Shorten your path to scientific discovery with our state-of-the-art TEM cameras, including our revolutionary Direct Detection Device (DDD®).

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Cameras that free you from limitations

Whether your field is biology or materials science, our cameras deliver unprecedented flexibility and productivity so you can aggressively pursue your science.

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Redefining customer service & support

Leading research institutions around the world choose us for our innovations in technology, our customer-focused approach to on-going support, and our lower total cost of ownership.

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Gain a competitive edge with Direct Electron cameras. Achieve better science, faster.

In today’s scientific climate, investigators are under increasing pressure to publish discoveries faster, compete for funding, conform to tighter budgets, and share equipment. Meeting these challenges calls for a new data collection paradigm that yesterday’s TEM camera technology doesn’t fulfill. Direct Electron’s state-of-the-art Direct Detection Device (DDD®) cameras deliver a whole new level of productivity, speed, and versatility to give you the competitive edge you need.

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High-Resolution Cryo-EM

Movie-mode delivers even better images. A true test of performance: cryo-EM de novo reconstruction.

This de novo reconstruction shows why our movie mode is a hit with our customers: atomic resolution with no model bias. We track the motion of each particle at a high frame rate, dramatically improving data quality and yield. Imagine how productive you can be with no more bad images! Our frame rate is flexible–pick your speed. Our exposure time is also flexible–save as many frames as you want. Even at a rapid 40 frames per second, every frame contains useful data. (What good is a fast frame rate if you can’t use the data?) Take advantage of DE movie processing firsts like resolution enhancement with motion correction and contrast enhancement with radiation damage compensation.

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A crystal clear performance advantage for materials science: High speed and high resolution.

DE cameras deliver stunning results like you’ve never seen before, regardless of your application: in situ TEM, STEM (scanning), DTEM (dynamic), ETEM (environmental), HRTEM (high-resolution), electron holography, and others. We understand the demands of your experiments: a wide field-of-view, fast frame rate, low noise, excellent sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), high dynamic range, and flexible imaging conditions. Unlike some competitors who seem to be optimizing meaningless numbers on their specifications sheet, our cameras are truly optimized for your experiments.

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Our unique features, flexibility, and performance make the other guys’ trade-offs obsolete.

For the past decade, Direct Electron’s innovations have been eliminating long-standing trade-offs and propelling scientific discoveries at major research facilities worldwide. Unique features include an integrated Faraday plate for automated exposure measurement, enormous field-of-view for better throughput, a built-in survey sensor for convenience and cost savings, and (of course) our proprietary DDD® sensor with industry-leading performance and flexibility. You get better resolution with shorter exposure times, high dynamic range for a broader range of conditions, and flexible movie recording. Simply stated, adding a DE camera system will dramatically boost the capabilities of your microscope.

We eliminate trade-offs

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Counting vs. integrating
Resolution vs. contrast
Field-of-view vs. convenience
Exposure time vs. image quality

A full range of versatile cameras optimized for each type of experiment and application.