In Situ TEM

DE cameras deliver high speed (user adjustable frame rate up to 1000+ fps) with exceptional signal-to-noise ratio and large field-of-view to capture TEM movies in unprecedented speed and detail. Our cameras have better signal-to-noise ratio in each frame, yet are significantly lower cost, than any alternative.

High Speed & Low Noise

Our DE-Series Cameras are the top-of-the-line choice for in situ TEM and other high-speed TEM experiments. We designed our cameras to deliver the best possible results. We know that you need more than just a high frame rate listed on the specifications sheet. After all, what good is a fast frame rate if you cannot see your specimen in each frame?

Specifically, our cameras are optimized for the three most critical factors in recording the very best in situ TEM movies:

  • High frame rate – You need to record movies fast enough to record the dynamics of your specimen. Our cameras deliver high-speed continuous streaming, with no detectable dead-time between each frame.
  • High sensitivity – You need to generate a lot of signal with as few electrons as possible, so that you have sufficient contrast in each movie frame to visualize your specimen. Our direct detection cameras have the highest signal-to-noise ratio per incident electron.
  • Low noise – You need to ensure that each high-speed movie frame is not overwhelmed by noise. Our cameras have a unique >3T pixel design that pushes our noise per frame as low as possible.

DE cameras uniquely deliver on all three critical factors:

 DE-Series CamerasConventional CCDScintillator-Coupled CMOSOther Direct Detector
High SensitivityYESNONOYES