Driving Principles

It starts with innovation

Our central vision—Innovation Propelling Discovery—drives everything we do. We are passionate about developing and delivering innovative technology, software, and methods to electron microscopy researchers worldwide. We are proud to offer products that offer state-of-the-art performance and novel features.

Ultimately, the purpose of electron microscopy is to generate high-impact results. Whether your research seeks to increase our basic scientific knowledge, discover next generation materials, or developing new therapies to treat human disease, Direct Electron’s motivation is to enhance your ability to complete your specific aims. We want to help you realize the full potential of your research.

Count on exceptional service and support

You should have the best tools for your research with minimal restrictions and distractions. The consequences of downtime and slow support on your productivity are significant. Direct Electron is therefore committed to fast, responsive, and comprehensive support. Simply put, we deliver leading-edge solutions that are reliable and backed by our exceptional customer service.

Furthermore, as fellow scientists, we believe that working together is key to scientific progress. Many of our innovations and groundbreaking results have stemmed from collaborations with our customers. We also enable our customers to push our technology further by providing open-source software and user access to raw data whenever possible. Indeed, this collaborative approach has yielded many innovations that have benefited not just our customers, but also contributed to the broad electron microscopy community.

Enabling better science, faster

Our passion is innovation. Working in partnership with academia and public/private institutions, Direct Electron continues to deliver a stream of innovations for TEM.


Direct Electron’s service and support set us apart. Working together, we can help maximize your productivity and propel you towards your next discovery.


Remove the limits imposed by your equipment. Direct Electron’s cameras are uniquely designed to deliver high-quality results for a wide-range of TEM experiments.