Employment Opportunities

Direct Electron is growing company serving a broad and dynamic scientific community. Our company is an exciting and challenging place to work. We offer a fast pace, breadth of exposure and collaboration, and opportunities for development associated with a small, high-tech company. We are always looking for new members of our team that have passion for excellence and a deep understanding of technology and the needs of our customers.

Development, delivery, and support of our technology and solutions to the international electron microscopy community demands a diverse, highly-skilled, and collaborative team. We place tremendous value on technical ability, communication skills, passion, and commitment to our driving principles. Opportunities for employment at Direct Electron exist in areas of TEM instrumentation research and development, electrical and mechanical engineering, manufacturing, software development, sales and marketing, applications support (e.g., biological TEM, materials science, etc.), and customer service.

Please CONTACT US for more information about potential employment opportunities with Direct Electron.

Currently, Direct Electron has an opening for a Software Test Engineer (job description included below) at its facility in San Diego, CA. Please mail resume to: HR Team, 13240 Evening Creek Drive S., Suite 311, San Diego, CA 92128. EOE

Software Test Engineer Job Description: Develop and perform application software and product firmware tests, including regression and use-case testing. Tests include working with hardware by loading firmware to test hardware and firmware operation and interaction. Develop and maintain specifications, requirements, procedures, records, and other related documentation. Develop schedules for software and firmware development projects, and maintain bug report and feature request logs. Ensure best practice version control procedures are followed for quality control. Serve as a liaison between the software development and testing teams. Collaborate with field engineers to comply with software requirements. Required education: Master of Science or equivalent in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or related. Additional requirements: work experience to include at least 6 months of the following: (1) Structured programming techniques; (2) Oscilloscope, logic analyzer, power/signal generators; (3) Embedded system validation and debug; (4) Development of software for validation and quality control testing, including manufacturing configuration control; (5) Software version control with SVN and repository management. 40 hours/ week. Job site/ interview: San Diego, CA.