Leadership Team

Our team comprises fellow Ph.D. scientists who are passionate about technology and method development. We are continually amazed by the progress and results by researchers in electron microscopy, and we are proud to be a contributing part of this scientific community.

Robert Bilhorn
Robert Bilhorn, Ph.D.
Robert has been a pioneer in the development of imaging systems for scientific research. His Ph.D. research in Chemistry at the University of Arizona formed the basis of modern detector technology and spectrometer configuration for analytical atomic emission spectroscopy. He went on to found and grew a new business within Eastman Kodak company, resulting in the development of an IP portfolio boasting over 200 patents in more than 50 families and products launched into two major global markets. In 2007, Dr. Bilhorn started as the founding President of Direct Electron.
Liang Jin
Liang Jin, Ph.D.
Director of Research & Development
As a graduate student researcher at UCSD, Liang worked with PI Dr. Nguyen-Huu Xuong on the initial development of Direct Detection Device prototypes. Since obtaining his Ph.D. in Physics, Dr. Jin has continued his pioneering work at Direct Electron, developing and characterizing the next generations of electron detection technology.
Benjamin Bammes
Benjamin Bammes, Ph.D.
Director of Applications & Marketing
With a broad scientific background—including physics, mathematics, computer science, biology, and chemistry—Benjamin is equipped to recognize and develop unique applications for new technology. He obtained his Ph.D. in Molecular Biophysics under the mentorship of National Academy of Sciences member Dr. Wah Chiu at Baylor College of Medicine. At Direct Electron, Dr. Bammes helps lead our innovative and collaborative approach to delivering high-tech solutions to the scientific community.
Michael Spilman
Michael Spilman, Ph.D.
Applications Specialist
Michael received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics under the tutelage of Dr. Terje Dokland at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Focusing on high throughput methodologies, he went on to work with Dr. Scott Stagg at Florida State University on imaging small biological macromolecules. At Direct Electron, Dr. Spilman delivers both on- and off-site service and support to new and existing customers, including specific support for customers using automated data acquisition software with DE cameras.