European Microscopy Congress 2016

Posted on August 19, 2016 in Events

Come visit our booth (#26) at the European Microscopy Congress 2016 in Lyon, France. Drop by our booth to get a free mouse pad, which includes a helpful table of defocus values and CTF zeros. We will also have a JEOL 1400Plus TEM in our booth for demos of our direct detection cameras for biology and materials science. Finally, we will be showing movies of recent results and have a model of our ground-breaking DE-64 direct detection cameras.

We will also have live demonstrations of high-speed in situ TEM using the Direct Electron DE-12 Camera System with a Hummingbird Scientific Gas TEM holder system at the European Microscopy Congress. Please sign up either through email or in the Direct Electron booth (#26) or simply join us at the Direct Electron booth at one of the listed times.

  1. Tuesday @ 4:30pm
  2. Thursday @ 4:30pm
  3. Friday @ 1:00pm