A New 8k x 8k Direct Detector for TEM

Posted on August 3, 2014 in News

Imagine the impact of having the performance of a direct detector and the power of “movie-mode” with the enormous field-of-view of photographic film…

Direct Electron is proud to announce our new DE-64 Camera System, the world’s first 8k x 8k direct detector. The DE-64’s enormous 67.1 megapixel field-of-view is the best solution for cryo-EM of very large viruses or cellular tomography, where a conventional camera may not capture a large enough area to be effective. Additionally, the ultra-large field-of-view dramatically decreases the number of images needed for each single particle experiment and improves 3D reconstructions by significantly improving CTF fitting.

The DE-64 features the 10th generation of our revolutionary Direct Detection Device (DDD®) sensor, delivering industry-leading resolution and “movie-mode.” Although building an 8k direct detection sensor was challenging, we did not sacrifice performance by reducing the pixel size or features of the DE-64. The DE-64 has 6.5 um pixels optimized for superior resolution (MTF) over a broad range of magnifications and exposure rates, it includes an integrated Faraday plate and 2k x 2k survey sensor, and it delivers full-frame streaming at 30 frames per second (fps).

Contact us now for more information or to add your facility to the waiting list.

Direct Electron acknowledges the National Institutes of Health (USA) for supporting the development of the DE-64 under grant 3R44GM103417.