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Specifically designed
for low-dose applications

With exceptional performance, true flexibility, and ease-of-use, the DE-20 is the ultimate upgrade for low-dose TEM for all biological cryo-EM uses, including single particle and tomography. Specifically designed for low-dose applications, the DE-20 features the 9th generation of our revolutionary Direct Detection Device (DDD®) sensor, delivering industry-leading low-noise images, excellent signal-to-noise ratio, and flexible “movie-mode” for fluid, dynamic viewing. An expansive 5k x 4k field of view delivers over 33 percent more pixels than competing direct detection cameras. The DE-20 has 6.4 μm pixels optimized for excellent resolution (MTF) over a broad range of magnifications and exposure rates. It includes an integrated Faraday plate, and it delivers full-frame unbinned streaming at up to 32 frames per second (fps). With a high signal-to-noise ratio of ~50:1 (300 kV), you’ll get crystal-clear images across every single spatial frequency as well as all TEM magnifications.

Our innovative movie-processing software further enhances data quality through drift correction, per-particle motion correction, radiation damage compensation, and post-acquisition exposure setting. The DE-20’s high performance capacity makes it the ideal camera for in situ TEM, eTEM, DTEM, and other high-speed applications. With our elegantly designed, flexible, and easy-to-use camera system, you can increase the rate at which you collect high-quality, continuous streaming data with nearly 100% duty cycle, and no dead time between frames.

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Key Features

  • 5k × 4k field-of-view delivers 33% more pixels than competing direct detection cameras
  • High-speed continuous streaming of raw frames, with flexible frame rate and exposure time
  • Integrated Faraday plate allows for automatic exposure measurement calculation
  • Continuous streaming of thirty-two unbinned full-frames per second
  • Open software architecture is fully extensible and easily integrated into custom workflows
  • Complete access to raw data in every single industry standard file format
  • Optimized for 80 keV − 1.25 MeV detection electron energy range
  • Fully retractable mounting on-axis TEM bottom port or in JEOL film drawer
  • Ability to collect very long uninterrupted movies



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