DE-12 Camera System

DE-Series Cameras


Time to throw off the limits of traditional CCD cameras and start collecting continuous streams of incredible TEM images…

High-performance with fast and flexible frame rates, at an economical price.

As the very first commercially-available direct detection camera, the DE-12 (4k × 3k pixels) has a long history of reliability and productivity. The current updated DE-12 features the 8th generation of our revolutionary Direct Detection Device (DDD®) sensor, delivering industry-leading resolution and flexible “movie-mode.” The DE-12 has 6.0 μm pixels optimized for excellent resolution (MTF) over a broad range of magnifications and exposure rates, it includes an integrated Faraday plate, and it delivers full-frame unbinned streaming at up to 40 frames per second (fps). Many users choose to acquire data at 75 fps with full-frame readout and 2×-binning, and substantially faster frame rates can be achieved by reducing the readout array size.

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Direct Electron acknowledges the National Institutes of Health (USA) for supporting the development of the LV-series cameras under grants R44GM103417 and R44RR024964.


DE-12 Camera

All of our DE-series cameras deliver state-of-the-art performance and unique features that make them ideal for a wide range of TEM applications.

  • Direct detection of primary electrons—a revolutionary advancement in TEM data quality.
  • High signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) with consistent performance across all spatial frequencies and TEM magnifications.
  • “Movie mode” provides high-speed acquisition of a continuous stream of frames with nearly 100% duty cycle (no dead time between frames).
  • Innovative movie-processing software further enhances data quality through drift correction, per-particle motion correction, radiation damage compensation, post-acquisition exposure setting, etc.
  • High performance for demanding applications, while maintaining ease-of-use and flexibility to maximize data collection efficiency.
  • The ultimate camera for in situ TEM, ETEM, DTEM, and other high-speed applications.
  • Ultra high performance imaging in an elegantly designed, flexible, and easy-to-use camera system.

Key Features

  • 4k × 3k field-of-view delivers 3× more pixels than an typical 2k × 2k camera.
  • High-speed continuous streaming of raw frames, with flexible frame rate and exposure time.
  • Class-leading dynamic range, making it effective for a wide variety of applications.
  • Optional module to enable single electron counting.
  • Integrated Faraday plate for automatic exposure measurement.
  • Integrated sensor protection cover.
  • Bottom mount or in JEOL film chamber.
  • Fully retractable with no sliding O-rings.
  • Ability to collect very long uninterrupted movies.
  • Open software architecture—fully extensible and easily integrated into custom workflows.
  • Complete access to raw data in industry-standard file formats.


Detection electron energy rangeOptimized for 80 keV − 1.25 MeV
Pixel array specifications4096 × 3072 (12.6 MP) | 6.0 μm pixel pitch
Single-electron SNR~30:1 (300 kV)
Continuous frame-rate40 fps max, unbinned full-frame

75 fps max, 2× binned full-frame
Exposure rateConsistent performance at a broad range of exposure rates (e.g., 5 − 250 e-/pixel/s)
Mounting positionFully retractable | mounted on-axis TEM bottom port or in JEOL lm drawer
Survey sensorSeparate camera (optional)
Sensor protectionIntegrated physical protection shutter | microscope blanking/shuttering | failsafe software
Computer systemCertified high-performance computer system with large, high-speed RAID array for data streaming
Acquisition & processing softwareConventional acquisition: DE-IM (full-featured, user-friendly) | μManager (free, open-source)

In situ movie acquisition: DE-StreamPix (continuous streaming)

Automated acquisition: Leginon | SerialEM | others using the DE SDK

“Movie” processing: DE image processing software (free, open-source, Python-based)

Note that the features and specifications shown above are typical, and are subject to change.


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