LV-126 Camera System


A truly revolutionary advancement in imaging for low voltage electron microscopy…

Direct detection of low energy electrons: high performance and high speed.

The LV-126 is the first and only commercially-available direct detection camera for low voltage electron microscopy. The LV-126 features the 8th generation of our revolutionary Direct Detection Device (DDD®) sensor, delivering industry-leading resolution and flexible “movie-mode.” In addition to dramatically better resolution and a larger field-of-view, the LV-126 also allows delivers full-frame unbinned streaming at up to 40 frames per second (fps) for motion correction or analysis of dynamics. For even higher speeds, users may acquire data at 75 fps with full-frame readout and 2×-binning, and substantially faster frame rates can be achieved by reducing the readout array size.

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Direct Electron acknowledges the National Institutes of Health (USA) for supporting the development of the LV-series cameras under grants R44GM103417 and R44RR024964.


LV-Series Cameras

All of our LV-series cameras deliver state-of-the-art performance and unique features that make them ideal for a wide range of low voltage electron microscopy applications, including LEEM/PEEM.

  • Direct detection of 10 – 40 keV primary electrons—a revolutionary advancement in data quality.
  • Improved resolution yields approximately 8× more information per image compared to MCP+CCD.
  • “Movie mode” provides high-speed acquisition of a continuous stream of frames with nearly 100% duty cycle (no dead time between frames).
  • Innovative movie-processing software further enhances data quality through drift correction, per-particle motion correction, radiation damage compensation, post-acquisition exposure setting, etc.
  • High performance for demanding applications, while maintaining ease-of-use and flexibility to maximize data collection efficiency.
  • The ultimate camera for LEEM/PEEM, and other low voltage applications.
  • Ultra high performance imaging in an elegantly designed, flexible, and easy-to-use camera system.

Key Features

  • 4k × 3k field-of-view delivers 3× more pixels than an typical 2k × 2k camera.
  • High-speed continuous streaming of raw frames, with flexible frame rate and exposure time.
  • Optional module to enable single electron counting.
  • Compatible with the higher vacuum systems used in low voltage EM.
  • Optionally, fully retractable with no sliding O-rings.
  • Ability to collect very long uninterrupted movies.
  • Open software architecture—fully extensible and easily integrated into custom workflows.
  • Complete access to raw data in industry-standard file formats.


Detection electron energy rangeOptimized for 10 keV − 40 keV
Pixel array specifications4096 × 3072 (12.6 MP) | 6.0 μm pixel pitch
Continuous frame-rate40 fps max, unbinned full-frame

75 fps max, 2× binned full-frame
MountingCompatible with many instruments; CONTACT US for more information.
Sensor protectionIntegrated physical protection shutter | microscope blanking/shuttering | failsafe software
Computer systemCertified high-performance computer system with large, high-speed RAID array for data streaming
Acquisition & processing softwareConventional acquisition: DE-IM (full-featured, user-friendly) | μManager (free, open-source)

In situ movie acquisition: DE-StreamPix (continuous streaming)

Custom workflows: Open SDK for easy integration of the camera into custom software

“Movie” processing: DE image processing software (free, open-source, Python-based)

Note that the features and specifications shown above are typical, and are subject to change.


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