Productivity depends not only on having high-performance camera hardware, but also on having efficient software and the latest algorithms for data collection and image processing. Our research and development extends beyond cameras to the software tools that are necessary to generate high-impact results.

Consistent with our overall philosophy of flexibility and openness, we offer many software options, including several that are open-source. For integration of our cameras with custom workflows or other software, we also offer a powerful and straight-forward Software Development Kit (SDK).

DE-ServerGUI Screenshot

DE-Server & Software Development Kit (SDK)

To maximize flexibility, the software for our cameras is founded on a client-server model. Our DE-Server software, running on the dedicated camera PC, directly controls the camera hardware. A variety of clients (either on the local or a networked computer) can connect to the DE-Server and issue commands to control the camera and acquire images. We offer a software development kit (SDK), including documentation and many examples (C#, C++, Python, etc.), to make it easy to fully integrate our cameras in nearly any software.

DE-IM Screenshot

DE Imaging Manager (DE-IM)

DE-IM is our recommended software for typical data collection, full-featured management of Direct Electron cameras. DE-IM features a modern and intuitive user interface to maximize ease-of-use and data collection efficiency. It allows users to automatically and seamlessly take advantage of the full features of Direct Electron cameras (such as the survey sensor on DE-series cameras), and to integrate metadata from the microscope and the camera with each acquired image. DE-IM is developed in partnership with AppFive.

DE-StreamPix Screenshot


DE-StreamPix is our recommended software for in situ TEM and other applications involving acquisition of long movies. DE-StreamPix features unlimited data streaming up to the maximum frame rate of the camera, realtime viewing during data acquisition, post-triggering for accurate event capturing, realtime image processing, metadata and timestamp for each frame, and exporting/archiving to a variety of industry-standard file formats.

Micro-Manager Screenshot


Micro-Manager is free, open-source software with a simple and clean user interface, which allows users to execute common image acquisition tasks. Micro-Manager is bundled with the image processing application ImageJ, which provides a comprehensive set of image processing capabilities. Through the “Device/Property Browser,” this software provides users with access to the full range of options and parameters for our cameras. Users also may write their own data acquisition or image processing plugins for Micro-Manager to automate workflows.

Motion Correction of Rotavirus

Movie-Mode Processing

DE customers have access to our Knowledge Base, which includes a growing library of software, including our DE_process_frames software for processing movies from DE-Series and LV-Series cameras. is open-source and written in Python based on the free EMAN libraries. The most popular features of this software include accurate motion correction of full-frames or individual particles, summing of various subsets of movie frames from each acquisition, and our patented damage compensation algorithm enabling high-dose imaging of beam-sensitive specimens.