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Our innovations are not just focused on technology… Our approach to customer service is revolutionary. You receive applications support and advice from Ph.D microscopists at every phase of your relationship with DE: before, during and after the purchase.

Our scientists are always on call as an extension of your research team. We show you how to align your goals with our camera’s capabilities. We provide helpful tips to get the most out of instrument and software. We can recommend the best imaging conditions based on your objectives, how to use image processing software to further improve your data quality, new experiments to take advantage of the DE camera’s versatility and performance, etc. Just ask. We’ll advise our customers both on-site and remotely.

Free to every customer is a growing library of workflow automation scripts, improved data processing methods, and application notes. Every camera manufacturer offers an annual service contract. What’s unique about ours is that you get more responsive service and better support for significantly less than the cost of one of our competitors’ annual contracts.


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Our commitment to more responsive support includes immediate remote support whenever possible, and quick turnaround for both on-site and factory service, when necessary. Customers who have had experience with other manufacturers are amazed at how quick we are to provide solutions. Our goal is to maximize your productivity and ROI.